The 72nd PAL Seniors Interclub Golf Tournament shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Golf of the Royal and Ancient Golf (R&A Rules Limited) and the Local Rules of the Tournament and its Host Clubs.

    • 1.1 TEAM REQUIREMENTS - A team must fulfil the following requirements to be able to join the PAL Seniors Interclub:
      • a. Local Teams must represent a golf club that has its own 18-hole golf course. A team that no longer has a golf course continues to be eligible provided it has not been disqualified and it continues to meet other eligibility requirements.
      • b. International teams must meet entry requirements set by the Tournament Committee. Their team names must indicate a golf course or geographic location.
    • 1.2 TEAM ELIGIBILITY - Participation in the tournament shall be limited to:
      • a. Teams that have completed play and have not been disqualified in the last PAL Seniors Interclub.
      • b. Teams that have been reinstated and new teams accepted by the Tournament Committee.
    • 1.3 INDIVIDUAL PLAYER’S ELIGIBILITY - To be eligible to play in the PAL Seniors Interclub, a player must fulfil the following requirements:
      • a. Be included in the Roster of Members of his Club/Team which is submitted via email to the Tournament Secretariat on or before January 31, 2019.
      • b. Be at least 55 years old, players turning 55 years old in the calendar year of the tournament are eligible to join.
      • c. Fulfil the Travel Requirements of Philippine Airlines. (see Appendix II)
    • 1.4 REJECTION OF ENTRIES – The Tournament Committee reserves the right to reject the application of any team or any member of a team seeking entry into the Seniors Interclub.
    • 1.5. DISQUALIFICATION/SUSPENSION FROM THE INTERCLUB – At any time, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to disqualify and/or suspend any team or individual from their participation in the Interclub. Reasons for dismissal/suspension may include gross disrespect to the sponsors and tournament officials and staff, unbecoming conduct and gross violations of the Rules of Golf and golf etiquette by team member/s during the current or past Interclubs.
    • 1.1. DESIGNATION - Each team must have a designated Team Captain who will represent his team in meetings, press conferences and all dealings with the Tournament Committee.
    • 1.2. RESPONSIBILITIES - The Team Captain shall be responsible for the following:
      • a. Attend the Team Captains Meeting or, if he cannot attend, make sure his team is represented. Penalty for failure to attend: Team Disqualification
      • b. Submit the Roster of Members of his Club on or before January 31, 2019. Roster should be directly sent to the email of the Tournament Secretariat. Penalty for failure to submit: Team Disqualification
      • c. Coordinate with his local Philippine Airlines Branch/District Office and ensure that all team members have adhered to the travel policies set forth by the Tournament Committee. Penalty for failure to follow Travel Policies: Team Disqualification and Banned from joining future interclubs.
      • d. Register online the final Team Line-Up with the PAL PPA ID #, First Names and Nicknames/Aliases of the members of the team properly indicated on or before February 22, 2019. Note: The team will automatically be classified in the Championship Division if the Team Line-Up is submitted after the set deadline.
      • e. Pay the required team entry fee on or before the Team Captains Meeting. Penalty for failure to pay: Team Disqualification
      • f. Check the Roster of Members that was submitted by his club to the Tournament Secretariat on or before January 31, 2019 and verify that all the players listed in the Team Line-Up are included in the Roster. Penalty for fielding Ineligible Player: Team Disqualification
      • g. Inform all of his team members about the Local Rules of the Tournament, Conditions of Competition and any changes/additions that have been made.
      • h. Makes sure that all of his players have signed and submitted the Medical Waiver before the start of the tournament.
      • i. Daily submit his list of players to the starters within 30 minutes before the scheduled tee time of his teams’ first player to tee-off.
    • 1.3. ADVICE - The Team Captain is not allowed to give advice to any member of his team while they are playing their stipulated rounds. Penalty for each breach: Two (2) points deduction from the team score for the day.
    • 1.4 A Team Captain is not allowed to act as team captain for one team then play for another. Penalty for breach: Disqualification of player
    • 1.1. FORMAT - The PAL Seniors' Interclub is a 36-hole Stroke Play, Modified Stableford (Molave), Team Competition played over four (4) consecutive days among teams representing golf clubs/teams. Individual awards will also be given.
    • 1.2. POINT SYSTEM - The player’s gross scores shall be converted to the following corresponding Points:
      Score Points
      Triple Bogey or worse 0
      Double Bogey 1
      Bogey 2
      Par 3
      Birdie 4
      Eagle 5
      Hole-in-One 6
      Double Eagle 7
      • a. VENUES - The tournament shall be played simultaneously on two (2) golf courses namely Alta Vista Golf & Country Club and Club Filipino de Cebu Inc. A club/team must play two (2) rounds on each golf course.
      • b. CLASSIFICATION – Teams shall be classified into five (5) divisions according to Team Averages that are based on the individual PAL Point Average (PPA) of the members of the team and handicap indexes of players without PPA. The PPA shall be based on the past performances of the team members over the last five (5) PAL Seniors Interclub tournaments. The team divisions are:
        • Championship Division
        • Founders Division
        • Aviator Division
        • Sportswriters Division
        • Friendship Division

        • The Rules on Classification of Teams are further defined in Appendix I.
      • c. TEAM SCORE
        • i. A team is given four (4) playing slots in each playing day and the best three (3) scores will count as the team score for the day.
        • ii. The club/team scoring the highest number of points in their division after four (4) days of play shall be declared champion of their division.
        • iii. The Championship Division may be won by any of the competing clubs/teams. A club/team in a lower division that scores a higher number of points than the clubs/teams in the Championship Division shall be declared the overall champion.
      • d. 36-HOLE MAXIMUM - A player can only play a maximum of 36 holes.
      • a. Players shall be divided into the following divisions based on their Seniors PAL Point Average (PPA). They will compete in these flights regardless of what division their team plays in:
        Flight A 90 and above PPA + those w/o PPA
        Flight B 80 to 89 PPA
        Flight C 70 to 79 PPA
        Flight D 60 PPA and below
      • b. The players who score the highest points after all participants have completed 36-holes of play shall be declared champions of their Flight.
      • c. To win any of the Individual Awards a player must play both courses. Players who play both their rounds on the same golf course will only compete for the Best 18-hole Score on that course.
    • 1.1. The PAL Seniors' Interclub is a golf competition for Senior Amateur Male golfers.
    • 1.2. Professional golfers whether Touring or Teaching Professionals are not allowed to play in the tournament. Non-amateurs may participate if they are allowed to do so by the Tournament Committee.
    • 1.3. A team may consist of 6, 7 or 8 players.
    • 1.4. ROSTER OF MEMBERS – All participating clubs will be required to submit their Roster of Members on or before January 31, 2019.
      • a. A team will be disqualified if it fails to submit its Clubs’ Roster of Members on or before the designated date.
      • b. No changes or additions will be allowed once the Roster has been submitted except in case of Rule 5.4c below.
      • c. Teams that need to add names to their submitted Roster after January 31, 2019 may do so by writing a letter to the Tournament Committee before the 15th of February 2019. No changes will be allowed after the 15th of February 2019.
      • d. The team captain will be notified immediately by the Tournament Secretariat if the Tournament Committee has approved or not the request for adding a player to the team roster submitted after the deadline set.
    • 1.5.A player can play for only one (1) team. Penalty: Disqualification of the succeeding team/s the player has played for.
    • 1.6.REPLACEMENT OF PLAYERS – Members of the team who have already played a round CAN NOT BE REPLACED. The team may be disqualified for fielding more than 8 players if it replaces a player who has already played a round.
    • 1.1. TEAM DISQUALIFICATION - Disqualification of a team shall mean the disqualification of all its members and their scores will no longer be counted in the determination of team and individual standings. Grounds for disqualification of a team shall be the following:
      • a. Non-attendance of a Team Captain or his representative during the Team Captains Meeting.
      • b. Failure to submit the Clubs’ Roster of Members on or before January 31, 2019.
      • c. Fielding an ineligible player. An ineligible player shall be defined as:
        • i. A player whose name does not appear in the Roster of Members that the club/team had submitted on or before January 31, 2019.
        • ii. A player whose addition to the Roster has not been approved by the Tournament Committee.
        • iii. A player who has already played 36-holes/2 rounds.
        • iv. A player who has played for another team in an earlier round.
        • v. A player who has assumed another person’s identity.
        • vi. A player who has not fulfilled the travel requirements of Philippine Airlines.
      • d. Fielding more than eight (8) players.
      • e. Fielding less than three (3) players on any day of the competition.
      • f. Non-payment of the team entry fee on the deadline set by the Tournament Committee.
      • g. Commission of gross violations of the Rules and/or Etiquette that the Tournament Committee feels warrant a penalty of Disqualification.
    • 1.2. INDIVIDUAL DISQUALIFICATION – Disqualification of any player under the Rules of Golf in the first round he has played shall not be effective for the second round unless the Tournament Committee determines otherwise.
    • 1.3. SUSPENSION OF DISQUALIFIED TEAMS - A team that has been disqualified for violation of Interclub Rules shall be suspended from participation in the next PAL Interclub and must reapply to be accepted to join succeeding Interclubs. However, the Tournament Committee may waive the suspension for reasons it may deem proper.
    • 1.1.Pairings and Starting times for the first two days of play shall be based on team's PPA average. Pairings and Starting times for the third and final days of play shall be based on scores which will reflect team standings.
    • 1.2.Pairings shall indicate team names only. Team Captains should provide the starters with the names of their players within 30 minutes before the scheduled tee time of his first player to tee-off. Changes may still be made before the player’s tee-off except when Rule 1.3 below is being implemented.
    • 1.3.At the option of the Committee, it may require that team captains submit their tee-time assignments in sealed envelopes. Tee- time assignments will be deemed final once these sealed envelopes have been submitted to the starters.
    • 1.4.The Committee reserves the right to alter the pairings and tee-times if it feels that such actions are for the good of the tournament. Players who refuse to follow such changes will be disqualified.

    The Tournament Committee will not entertain any requests for tee times or playing dates. Players who join the tournament should be ready to play on any of the dates and tee-times assigned to them by the Committee.

  • 9. LATE TO TEE

    A player is late to tee if he is not on the tee, ready to play, when the starter calls the first player in his flight to the tee. The late player is not disqualified. He will score zero (0) points on the hole/s that he failed to play and he will be allowed to join his assigned group on the tee of the next hole to be played.

  • 10. PACE OF PLAY
    • 1.1.All players must maintain the proper Pace of Play at all times. If a group falls behind by having an open hole in front of them, they will be warned by a rules official and asked to speed up play and keep pace with the group ahead.
    • 1.2.If they do not, in the opinion of the official, make a conscious effort to speed up play in the next few holes, the rules official will time all members of the group.
    • 1.3.The rules official doing the timing shall be the sole judge of when it is the players turn to play and he is able to play without interference or distraction. Any player who takes more than forty (40) seconds to play his shot from the time it is his turn to play shall incur a BAD TIME and be subject to the following penalties:
      First BAD TIME Warning
      Second BAD TIME One-Stroke Penalty
      Third BAD TIME Two-Strokes Penalty
      Fourth BAD TIME Disqualification
    • 1.4.The group will be timed until they have regained their proper position on the course.
    • 1.5. A player will carry his bad time for the rest of the round in case their flight falls out of position again.

    Players are not allowed unduly delay play by stopping at the clubhouse/tee houses to sit down, order food and have refreshments. Penalty for Breach: 2 points deduction from the team score for the day for each infraction.


    Cellular phones should be placed on silent mode and should not be used during play of a hole. Penalty for Breach: Two strokes penalty per Breach (Maximum of Four strokes per round).

    • 1.1.Only caddies and umbrella boys/girls accredited by the host clubs may be employed.
    • 1.2. 1.2. Players are not allowed to caddy for other players. Penalty for breach of 13.1 & 13.2: Disqualification of player

    Only golf balls and golf clubs which conform to the Rules of Golf shall be used during the tournament. Penalty for breach: Disqualification of player

  • 15. PICK-UP

    To promote faster play, a player who no longer has any chance to score a point on a hole MUST pick-up his ball and discontinue play of the hole. He shall score zero (0) points for the hole and MUST mark his score on that hole with an “X” to indicate a pick-up.

    Note: 1. Signing for a score higher than a Double Bogey shall mean that the player has made such a score and his team will be subject to the penalty clause of this rule.
    2. The breach of the condition by the player does not free the team from the penalties of this rule.
    Penalty for Breach: 2 points deduction from the team score for the day for each infraction.

    However, the team penalty will not apply if:

    • a. The Committee determines after the game that the player had incurred a penalty stroke and the player was not aware of the penalty when he holed out on the hole in question;
    • b. The player is in doubt as to procedure and/or penalty strokes and the matter has to be referred to the Committee after the game.
    • 1.1. MARKER - Each player shall be assigned by the Committee as a marker to record the scores of another player in the same flight. The marker MUST do the recording of scores himself and NOT THE CADDIE. Penalty for breach: Two (2) strokes for each violation
    • 1.2. SCORING - The marker shall record the GROSS SCORE of the player and mark pick-ups with an “X”.
    • 1.3. MARKERS DISQUALIFICATION - The Committee may disqualify the marker if it is shown that he has deliberately violated Rule 16-1.2 above and/or deliberately performed actions so another player may be disqualified.
    • 1.4. SUBMISSION – The scorecard is deemed to have been submitted when it is dropped in the Drop Box provided for.
      • a. Retrieve their scorecard from their marker IMMEDIATELY after they leave the putting green of their last hole;
      • b. Check their scorecards for correctness and make sure that their GROSS SCORES are legibly indicated on the card. Holes picked-up must be marked with an “X”;
      • c. Settle any doubtful points with the marker and/or the Committee before signing the scorecard.
      • d. Clear and clarify with the Scorers any illegible scores on the scorecard before submitting it. Scores not legibly written will be interpreted by the Committee at its sole discretion;
      • e. Make sure the marker has signed the scorecard;
      • f. Return the scorecard to the Committee before any member of any flight following them has submitted their scorecard/s or within fifteen (15) minutes of holing out if they are the last flight of the morning or afternoon set. Penalty for breach: Disqualification
    • 1.1. The Champion Team shall take possession of the permanent PAL Trophy for one year while the members of the team shall receive medals. A team that wins the permanent trophy for three (3) consecutive years shall be allowed to keep the championship trophy.
    • 1.2. The Champions of the Championship, Founders Aviator, Sportswriters and Friendship Divisions as well as the First and Second Runners-up shall be awarded trophies while the members of the teams shall receive medals.
    • 1.3. INTERNATIONAL TROPHY – The International trophy shall be given to the international team that scores the highest points among the overseas teams entered in the tournament regardless of what division they are playing in.
    • 1.1.Trophies will be awarded to the Champion, First Runner-Up and Second Runner-up of each of the Flights.
    • 1.2. SPECIAL AWARDS – The following Special Awards will be given:
      • Hole-in-One
      • Highest 18-hole Points Scored on each course
  • 19. TIES
    • 1.1. TEAM COMPETITION – Ties in the team competition shall be settled by comparing scores and determining the winner on the basis of:
      • a. The final day points of the Fourth player (score that did not count), then by
      • b. The total team points of the last 54-holes, then by
      • c. The total team points over the last 36-holes, then by
      • d. The total team points over the last 18-holes, then by
      • e. Drawing of lots
    • 1.2. INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION – Ties in the individual competition shall be settled by comparing scores and determining the winner on the basis of:
      • a. The best 18-hole points of the players, then by
      • b. The second round points by the players, then by
      • c. Drawing of lots
    • 1.3. SPECIAL AWARDS – Ties in the Special Awards shall be settled by the USGA Tiebreak System.

    The competition shall be deemed closed when the Championship Trophy of the division concerned has been awarded to the winner.


    These Tournament Local Rules shall be in effect for all venues of the PAL Seniors Interclub:

    • 1.1. GOLF CARTS – If the host club can not provide golf carts to all players then players only sixty (60) years old above will be allowed to use golf carts. Penalty for breach: Two strokes for each hole at which the breach occurred. Maximum penalty: Four strokes.
    • 1.2. TIME OF STARTING – The five (5) minute allowance for late to tee is NOT IN EFFECT. The player is disqualified for the holes he missed and may join his assigned group on the tee of the next hole to be played.
    • 1.3. PRACTICE ON COURSE NOT PLAYED – Once the tournament has started, players may practice on any course that they have not played subject to the availability of tee-times and approval from the Tournament Director.
    • 1.4. RULES ISSUES IN STROKE PLAY – – A player who is uncertain about the right procedure while playing a hole may complete the hole with two balls without penalty.
      • • The player must decide to play two balls after the uncertain situation arises and before making a stroke.
      • • The player should choose which ball will count if the Rules allow the procedure used for that ball, by announcing that choice to his marker or another player before making a stroke.
      • • If the player does not choose in time, the ball played first is treated as the ball chosen by default.
      • • The player must report the facts of the situation to the Committee before returning the scorecard, even if the player scores the same with both balls. The player is disqualified if he fails to do so.
    • 1.5. PREFERRED LIES – In the event that the tournament is to be played under preferred lies, the following rule shall be in effect:

      “When a player’s ball in a part of a general area cut to fairway height or less, the player may take free relief once by placing the original ball or another ball in and playing it from the relief area. The relief area is within one score card length of the reference point, with these limits:

      • o Must not be nearer the hole than the reference point, and
      • o Must be in the general area.
    • 1.1. ROSTER OF MEMBERS – The Roster of Members is a list of all the members of the Club.
    • 1.2. TEAM LINE-UP – The Team Line-up is the final list of 6, 7 or 8 members of the Club who will play in the tournament. The Team Line-up MUST be derived from the Roster of Members of the Club.
    • 1.3. PAL POINT AVERAGE (PPA) – The PAL Point Average is the average of the scores of the player in the past five (5) Interclubs. It is used for classification purposes.

    Rule 10.3b What a Caddie May Do

    These are examples of what caddie is allowed and not allowed to do:

    • (1) Actions always allowed. A caddie may always take these actions when allowed under the Rules:
      • o Carry, transport and handle the player’s clubs and other equipment (including driving a cart of pulling a trolley).
      • o Search for the player’s ball (Rule 7.1).
      • o Give information, advice and other help before the stroke is made (Rules 10.2a and 10.2b).
      • o Smooth bunkers or take other actions to care fro the course (Rules 8.2 Exception, 8.3 Exception and 12.2b (2) and (3).
      • o Remove sand and loose soil and repair damage on the putting green (Rule 13.1c).
      • o Remove or attend the flagstick (rule 13.2b).
      • o Mark the spot of the player’s ball and lift and replace the ball on the putting green (rules 14.1b Exception and 14.2b).
      • o Clean the player’s ball (Rule 14.1c).
      • o Remove loose impediments and movable obstructions (Rules 15.1 and 15.2).
    • (2) Actions Allowed Only With Player’s Authorization. A caddie may take these actions only when the Rules allow the player to take them and only with the player’s authorization (which must be given specially each time rather than given generally for a round0.
      • o Deliberately stand on or close to an extension of the line of play behind the player’s ball when the player begins taking a stance for the stroke and until the stroke is made (Rule 10.2b (4)) or take other action prohibited by Rule 10.2b.
      • o Replace a ball, unless the caddie had lifted or moved the ball (Rule 14.2b).
      • o Drop or place a ball in a relief area (Rule 14.3).
      • o Decide to take a relief under a Rule, the caddie may advise the player to do so but the player must decide.

    These Rules shall be effective on the 72nd PAL Seniors' Interclub in Cebu City.



Classification of club/teams in the PAL Interclub in the Seniors Interclub shall be based on the past individual performances of the team members in the last five (5) Seniors Interclubs. The classification shall be done in the following manner:

  • 1.1.1. DATABASE - The Tournament Committee shall maintain two databases: one for the Men’s Interclub and another for the Seniors Interclub. The database shall contain a tabulation of the past performances of all players over the past 5 Interclubs and indicate their PAL Point Averages (PPA).
  • 1.1.2. CHANGES TO THE DATABSE - Any questions, clarifications or changes on the database must be resolved with the Tournament Committee before the end of the Team Captains Meeting. The Databases are deemed to be final after the close of the Team Captains Meeting.
  • 1.1.3. ONLINE REGISTRATION – On or before February 22, 2019, all team captains are required to register online their final team line-up listing the names of the players who will compose their team as well as the PPA Number, PPA’s/handicap index of the players in his team.
    • 3.1 PPA’s OF PLAYERS – – it is the responsibility of the Team captain to indicate the PPA’s of the players that will represent his team as well as the handicap indexes of those players without PPA’s. Team Captains can refer to the Database posted on the PAL Interclub website to determine the PPA number and PPA’s of this players.
    • 3.2 FAILURE TO INDICATE PPA’S ON LINE-UP SHEET - Team Captains who fail to indicate the PPA’s of his team members can no longer change or protest the computation or assignment of PPA’s by the Committee.
    • 3.3 PLAYERS WITHOUT PPA’s – Team Captains will be required by the Committee to present the handicap index certifications/cards as of DECEMBER 2018 of all team members without PPA’s in case there are any questions on the veracity of the handicap of a player.
    • 3.4 DEADLINE FOR ONLINE REGISTRATION – Deadline for online registration is on February 23, 2019, teams failing to register after the set deadline will be automatically assigned to the Championship Division.
  • 1.1.4. VERIFICATION OF PPA’s - The Tournament Committee will refer to the Database the appropriate tournament and verify if the PPA’s indicated by then Team Captain are correct.
    • 5.1 The Committee computes the team average by taking into consideration the best eight (8) PPA’s and/or handicap indexes of the members of the team.
    • 5.2 Teams will be ranked according to their average PPA and grouped according to the following distribution:
      Championship Division Top 4 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 4th ranked Team.
      Founders Division Next 12 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 12th ranked Team.
      Aviator Division Next 20 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 20th ranked Team.
      Sportswriters Division Next 20 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 20th ranked Team.
      Friendship Division Rest of the teams
    • 6.1 The Committee computes the team average by taking into consideration the best six (6) Senior PPA’s and/or handicap indexes of the members of the team.
    • 6.2 Teams will be ranked according to their average PPA and grouped according to the following distribution:
      Championship Division Top 4 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 4th ranked Team.
      Founders Division Next 16 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 16th ranked Team.
      Aviator Division Next 28 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 28h ranked Team.
      Sportswriters Division Next 28 Teams + Teams within 1 average point of the 28th ranked team.
      Friendship Division Rest of the teams
  • 1.1.7. PLAYERS WITHOUT PPA – If a player has no PPA in the database, the team Captain must indicate in the online registration the player’s handicap index for the month of December 2018. If a player has more than one (1) Handicap Index, the LOWEST Handicap Index of the player must be given. The committee then converts the player’s verified handicap index to a computed PPA.

    Sample Computation:

    Player A has a handicap index of 18.1, multiplying it with a slope rating of 130 and dividing it by 113 his handicap will be 21.

    • PPA = 108 - (handicap x 2)
    • PPA = 108 - (21 x 2)
    • PPA = 108 - (42)
    • PPA = 66
  • 1.1.8. SUBMITTING WRONG HANDICAPS – A Team that submits incorrect or falsified handicaps of their players shall be disqualified from the tournament.
  • 1.1.9. HANDICAP INDEXES DO NOT MATCH ABILITIES – At any time during the competition, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to reclassify the division of a team if the submitted handicap index of any team member does not match the abilities they have shown on the course.
  • 1.1.10. CHANGES IN LINE-UP - Team classification may change whenever a team makes any changes in its line-up and the Tournament Committee has evaluated such changes. However, no team shall be reclassified to a lower division as a result of changes in the line-up of a team.
  • 1.1.11. NEW TEAMS - New teams will be classified based on the best eight (8) for the mens and best six (6) for the seniors PPA and/or handicap indexes of the members of the team.
  • 1.1.12. COMMITTEE PREROGATIVE - The Tournament Committee reserves the right to classify or reclassify any team/s at any time or in any manner it deems fit if it thinks that such actions are for the good of the tournament.